Snowys Outdoors is a outdoor retail store in Adelaide, South Australia. Nick approached Snowys late 2016 asking if Snowys would jump on board Walking for Ataxia. At that point in time there was no website and hardly a social media presence. Yet Snowys jumped on board anyway. After hearing Nick’s story and what he was planning to achieve they welcomed Nick with open arms.

Majority of the outdoor gear needed to complete the Heysen Trail will be purchased at Snowys. They are helping Nick out with a generous discount. Snowys is also letting Nick create some blogs which they will publish later in the year. All proceeds from the blogs will go into supporting Walking for Ataxia’s Quiz night in May.

Snowys is the first sponsor to jump on board Walking for Ataxia. If it wasn’t for their early support, Walking for Ataxia would still be struggling to get off the ground.

Thank You Snowys!!!

If you would like to know more about Snowys check them out at: https://www.snowys.com.au/


Centre for Fitness, Sport, Recreation and Tourism
Diploma of Outdoor Recreation

Supporting Nick to complete the Heysen Trail

Before Nick was diagnosed with FA he was studying to become a outdoor instructor at the Regency campus. Nick was taught how to navigate, lead walking groups, rock climb and much more. Through his 2 year study Nick completed many bush walks in the Flinders Rangers. This has given him the confidence to walk the Heysen Trail and use the skills he was taught.

TAFE SA  Centre for Fitness, Sport, Recreation and Tourism are supporting Walking for Ataxia in a few different ways. Nick is regularly meeting with some of the lectures who are giving him advice in his planning of the walk. They are also letting Walking for Ataxia borrow some equipment which would otherwise cripple our budget.

We would like to say a big thank you to TAFE SA for being so helpful and without your support we would be struggling to get ourselves equipped for the walk.