Meet Nick

Nick is 27 years old, born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. Nick suffers from Friedreichs Ataxia (aka FA) and was diagnosed at the age of 21. Nick has two older brothers who are both not affected with FA and was the first to be diagnosed in his family. He was studying a Double Diploma in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism and noticed over a 2 year period that his balance was deteriorating. He was dreaming of becoming an outdoor instructor but during his diagnosis was told to give up that career path and look for something else that would be compatible with his disease.

Nick has always loved the outdoors. He has experienced many bushwalks in SA and loves the Flinders Ranges. Nick won’t let FA get in the way of completing his dream. Nick maintains his strength and has been training for this walk since May 2016.

In January 2015 Nick suffered a back injury that resulted in an operation in November 2015. During the recovery Nick experienced even worse balance loss than usual and didn’t fully recover in till April 2016. It was during this time he had the idea of walking the Heysen Trail and realised that if he wanted his dream to come true it was now or never. Nick also came across another setback in late 2016 finding out he had an impingement in both hip joints, which resulted in another operation in November 2016, to repair his right hip joint in preparation for the this epic adventure!