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Walking for Ataxia is a not for profit campaign that aims to raise money for FARA while simultaneously spreading awareness of Friedrichs Ataxia.

Nick Hepper created Walking for Ataxia with the aim to give back as much as he can to the FA community while he still can. Nick wants to create awareness of FA and he couldn’t think of a better way than walking 1,200 kilometers while battling a disease that is taking his ability to walk away.

Who is FARA?

The Friedreichs Ataxia Research Association (FARA) is a not for profit organisation that supports research into treatments and a cure for Friedreichs Ataxia. FARA does not receive State or Commonwealth Government support and relies largely on the family and friends of Friedreichs Ataxia patients and generous businesses within Australia and New Zealand to fund its research programs.

The priorities are to:

  • Identify and fund the most promising research and cutting edge therapies
  • Support the Friedreichs Ataxia patient clinics
  • Promote knowledge sharing and collaboration within the scientific community and medical profession
  • Engage with the FA patient community and their families
  • Raise funds through corporate partnerships and community fundraising
  • Raise awareness of FA within the community and scientific and medical professions

Since its establishment in 2003, FARA has:

  • Funded over $2m in scientific research
  • Created an Australasian FA patient registry to link researchers to individuals with FA
  • Facilitated collaborative work between scientists, doctors and therapists
  • Educated the medical and patient communities regarding FA and research advances
  • Raised awareness of FA and hope for FA patients

If you wish to donate head on over to