Everything rolls on

It has been about 4 months since my last post. Just after my last blog post I had the privilege to travel to Melbourne and hang out with FARA for a weekend. It was probably one of the most rewarding weekends of my life. Not only did I get to meet and hang with Sean Baumstark but I was able to see the documentary the Ataxian. To see a documentary that’s all about FA and to see some of the most amazing human beings take on a mammoth adventure like the Ride Across America was incredibly inspiring. I have to admit this documentary played a part in the creation of Walking for Ataxia. Well the trailer anyway as the film in hard to get a hold of. I also got to meet some of the most amazing and inspiring FAer’s Australia has to offer. We were all asked to come to Melbourne as part of a ambassador program that has now been launched. I won’t go into detail into who they all are but you can find more information on them on the FARA website. I was also asked to become a ambassador which I accepted with open arms.

It was about 2 weeks later that I had a operation on my re-current disc bulge. About a week before the operation most of my lower back nerve pain went away. I was very puzzled at this. After the operation my surgeon told me that the disc had slipped off the nerve and it was poking around in no mans land. The recovery has been a lot easier than in 2015. This time the bulge was smaller and the impact from surgery was less. I was on my feet within 1 day out of surgery and they let me out after 3 nights in the hospital. I spent 10 weeks resting at home. I was pretty much in bed that whole time. Last surgery I had a fall after 6 weeks and caused this re-bulge so I wasn’t taking any chances this time. This recovery period has been fantastic compared to the last. I am now 13 weeks since the surgery and I feel great. I have been working very slowly to get my strength back and not jumping back in to it too fast. I’m currently doing 2 pilates classes a week to gain strength in my legs, hips and back. I am also doing a stretching and light weights session everyday for 45 minutes. It’s not to strenuous and I’m slowly making it harder and harder as the weeks go on.

I have also started to re-work my walk and add in some changes. I have decided that ALL IS WELCOME. I will be asking anyone and everyone to join me for how ever long they want to walk with me. I’m going for that Forest Gump type feel. I already have a father of a FAer who will be joining me from the start. My new walking date is MAY 5th. I will be adding the other dates for the other sections in the route section this week. I am also working on this years last Walking for Ataxia fundraiser. Which will have something to do with Lawn Bowls and drinking. Perfect combination if you ask me. I need to raise $3,000 more before I leave which is achievable seeing that I will be having a quiz night next year as well. I have also got rid of my GoFundMe page and created a grassroots donations page which is directly linked to FARA. All the donations that have been raised have been sent to the new donations page already.

Lastly I had the privilege to host the first ever screening of the Ataxian in Adelaide. The night was organised by FARA and being a ambassador they asked if I would host the night. It was a great night with some fantastic people coming along and after the film the collective audience were a buzz with questions. It felt amazing to have so many of my family and friends along for the night as they learnt a lot about FA and to have everyone understand what FA is and how it works was strangely comforting. I will leave a few snap shots of the night on the bottom of the page 🙂


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