Small problems become big problems

I just had a quick skim over my last blog and it feels so long ago. So last blog I said my back was holding together well. I was wrong. I was hit with nerve pain at the start of March and it has increased in intensity everyday since. I have been taking my old anti-inflammatory medication which has been controlling the pain but it looks like it needs more drastic attention. I had a MRI and there is a small bulge pushing on the nerve from the same disc which I had operated back in 2015. The bulge is quite small thankfully. I had a epidural injection today which will help calm the disc down. In the past this has worked for about 10 weeks. We will see what kind of effect the injection has but it looks like I will have to return to Adelaide halfway through my walk and have a injection. So that all sucks but the positive I can take out of this is that this is happening 2 months before I start so I can treat it and come up with a treatment plan for the walk. This hasn’t come as a surprise to me at all. I knew my back would flare at some point I am just thankful it was when I was in Adelaide and not on the trail.

My training has been progressing well this month. I have hit most of my targets except my 15 kilometre flat walk 2 weeks ago. I was only able to manage 12 and the sides of my feet were killing me. Turns out my orthotics are too high and I am squashing the tendons on the sides of my feet. This was incredibly frustrating as this niggle was the only thing holding me back from getting my 15 kilometres. I have seen my podiatrist and we are lowering my orthodics and I am now wearing compression socks to keep my ankles stabilized. I am also stretching my tendons in my feet everyday and I have stepped away from all my flat walking and hill walking in till these tendons calm down. So I am replacing the walks with swimming and bike sessions. This way I am matching the intensity of the walks and not aggravating my feet or my back. I have to admit these past 2 weeks have been challenging. Just when I had everything worked out I get hit with even more problems. I should have them all worked out in the next week and I’ll be back walking by the 1st week of April.

I started doing some work on the van last weekend. We were quite ambitious in what we thought we were going to accomplish in 1 afternoon. We still have a awning to attach, a bed frame to put together and a cabinet to install but we spray painted the inside at least. We should have all those things done by this weekend. That sounds ambitious I know but we know what we are doing now and we have a plan.

I think I will update you on other parts of the walk such as fundraising and logistics in a few days. Thanks for reading!!






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