Slow going

It is now the end of January and things are moving fast. My hip is slowly recovering and it is frustrating. I was given a 6-8 week time frame for recovery but here I am in week 10 and my joint is still in a lot of pain. I saw my physio last week and he thinks I have pushed too hard too early into my recovery. I have been ordered to rest, stretch and ice it over the next 2 weeks. Which means I won’t get back into any kind of training in till Feb 1st. This is scary. I need at least 20 weeks of training behind me to even come close to finishing this walk. On the upside this has given me plenty of time to catch up on logistics and marketing for the walk.

I have been trying to think of ideas of what we can do to fund raise money before I go. The reality is if I can’t find a sponsor before I leave I will need to raise somewhere between $4000 to $6000. So with this target in mind I have organised a movie night and a quiz night in Adelaide. My awesome cousin Kate has organised a dinner fundraiser in Hobart as well. I might try and squeeze another movie night in April if I have time. With these 4 fundraisers happening we might just be able to reach our target. The quiz night will be the big one. I am splitting half of the money raised during the quiz with FARA before I go. It’s like the kick starter for the campaign in a way.

The website is coming along nicely. We now have a logo. A better one than what I had previously created in paint (Thanks Kate!!!). We have a fundraising page with our upcoming events and I have also linked in the GoFundMe page to the website. I have set a ambitious total of raising $100,000 by the time I get back in September. I thought that seeing I will be out there for 4 months that’s more than enough time to raise plenty of money. This makes me think I will be needing to do some serious planning in how I can keep everyone up to date with what I am doing when I am out there. What means more planning. It never ends!

Lastly I have just purchased some gear from Snowys outdoors. I picked up a 1 man tent, thermorest, sleeping bag and some walking shoes. I was planning to do most of the walk in boots but after a recent conversation with an outdoor guru I have been instructed to get some shoes as well. Not only will this give me flexibility in my footwear but also shoes will be easier on my feet during the big flats I will be doing midway through the walk.


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