Back in the saddle again

So much has happened in the past 3 months! I apologise for not keeping you up to date. This post is going to be a big one. Let’s start with my FAI in my right hip.

I decided to go ahead and have a minor operation in my right hip joint. The operation was a Arthroscopy. This happened on the 3rd of November. My surgeon was able to remove the bone that was causing all the damage and put back together the cartilage that was damaged.

I have been recovering all November and now in the second week of December I am allowed back into it. I will start slow with 2 Pilates sessions a week and some light walking. I had to make a decision quickly on whether to push the walk back by six weeks to give me enough time to recover from the operation or to walk with the pain and have the operation when I got back. Once my surgeon opened me up and took a look, he told me the operation was the right decision. The only uncertainty is that I have a impingement in my left hip also. I have no pain in there currently but this may change during the walk. I have decided to gamble on it and most likely have it operated on when I get back.

While I have been recovering I have had plenty of time to work on the logistics of the walk. I have purchased every topographic map that I will need for the walk. I think I have about fifty all together. I have finished my entire route (distance walked everyday, overnight stays etc). I have finished the support route for my vehicle for part 1. (supply drops, overnight stays etc). I hope to finish part two by the end of this weekend.

I have also been busy trying to organise a quiz night. It looks like the date will be the 13th or 14th of May 2017. I hope to raise some money that I can use for supplies and the majority of it will go to starting off the fundraising. As you can see, we’ve created a website which is needed for when I search for sponsorship. It will have plenty of information on my route, FA and how to donate.


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