It all starts with an idea

The walk is coming together. I have been thinking about the Heysen Trail for a long time now but only now does it seem achievable. For the people that are unaware I had a operation on a disk in my back 6 months ago. For the first 2 months after the operation I could not carry more than 2 kilograms. It took me 3 months to be able to walk further than 3 kilometres in one day. Not to mention the effects on my balance and the loss of weight in my legs. Here I am though 6 months later walking 5 kilometres a day and growing, swimming 2 kilometres a week, 1 weight session and 2 Pilates sessions a week. I am hopeful that over the next 9 months my walking will grow to 10 kilometres a week which is the distance I want to average while I am on the trail.

The obvious problem is my back. I have made massive leaps and bounds since the operation but it is going to be the biggest issue that I will have to deal with. I have decided to only carry a maximum of 10 kilograms the whole walk. Which means I need a support team to ferry me food and water every 2 days. This is achievable but I will need a support team. I plan to average 10 kilometres a day and the trail is 1200 kilometres long. Which is 120 days of walking. Which is 4 months. Bring on the planning!

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