Walking for Ataxia

Walking for Ataxia is one man’s mission to complete the Heysen Trail, while fundraising and creating awareness for Friedreich’s Ataxia research. We will be following Nick across his 4 month journey as he prepares and walks the Heysen Trail.

Nick suffers from a rare debilitating disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia or commonly known as FA. FA leads to loss of muscle co-ordination, fatigue, vision and hearing loss, slurred speech, diabetes, scoliosis and serious heart conditions.

Nick was planning to walk on June 5th 2017 when the unexpected happened. He started to feel soreness in his lower back at the start of March. This pain increased and it turns out Nick had re-bulged his L4/5 disc once again. Nick had to undergo surgery on the 16th of May to repair this. NICK IS CURRENTLY WORKING WITH A SPINAL CLINIC IN ADELAIDE TO DEVELOP THE STRENGTH HE NEEDS TO COMPLETE THE HEYSEN TRAIL. HE WILL SOON BE RELEASING A WALKING DATE ONCE HE UNDERGOES HIS TREATMENT.

The Heysen trail is a 1,200km trail that starts in the Flinders Ranges and ends in Cape Jervis, South Australia .

If are interested in heading out and walking for a time with Nick please contact him at nickhepper2@hotmail.com he would greatly appreciate the company and welcomes anyone and everyone!


Nick was diagnosed at 21 and still maintains his ability to walk at 27. It has always been a dream of his to walk the Heysen Trail. Nick will never have another opportunity to attempt the trail so let’s help him in completing his dream and at the same time, raising money in search of a much needed cure.